Sex Ed in the News

Indiana House Panel Rejects Opt-In Bill

The other week, we reported that a law that would require parents to opt their kids in to sex ed was inching closer to reality in Indiana. Since then, an Indiana House committee has rejected the proposed bill, though parents are still able to opt their kids out of sex ed if they so desire.

Utah Votes To Offer More Lessons on Consent and Pornography

Back in November, lawmakers in Utah drafted a bill that would allow parents to tailor the state’s sex ed curriculum to their children’s needs, and to choose from a suite of optional, web-based lessons as an alternative to in-school instruction. The bill has since been significantly revised, with the web options being thrown out the window, and is now focused on broadening lessons on consent, and on the dangers of pornography.

Melbourne University Hopefuls Must Now Pass a Course on Consent Before Enrolling

Following the release of a report from the Australian Human Rights Commission on sexual assault and harassment on campuses, Melbourne University is requiring that potential students pass an online course on sexual consent before being eligible to enroll.