Sex Ed in the News

Forest Hills, Michigan, Public Schools Pull the Plug on Abstinence-Only Curriculum

In Michigan, Forest Hills Public Schools has announced that it is ceasing its abstinence-only curriculum. The new curriculum will be abstinence-based, and will include a lesson on contraception.

CNN Runs a Documentary Series on Sex Ed in America

Last week, CNN debuted a documentary series on sex ed in America called “This Is Sex with Lisa Ling.” The network describes it as a series “exploring the taboos around sex in America and the ways in which sexuality has been stigmatized, policed and politicized.” The show airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.

Denver Group That Teaches Teachers About Sex Loses Funding

In a clear example of what will continue to happen thanks to the federal defunding of teen pregnancy prevention programs, a group in Denver—Colorado Youth Matter—will cease operations at the end of the year. The group is responsible for teaching teachers across Colorado how to effectively communicate with students about sex and pregnancy prevention. The group’s budget was based largely on grants, most of which have been cut. The new administration believes the group’s work is ineffective.

Guam’s Office of Minority Health Develops Sex Ed Curriculum for Chuukese and Chamoru Communities

In Guam, a new sex ed curriculum has been developed by the Office of Minority Health for the Chuukese and Chamoru communities. The authors of the curriculum labored to create lessons that are as culturally sensitive as possible, as both cultures view the subject of sex as taboo. The workshop they’ve developed includes lessons on culturally appropriate tools to address sex, human sexuality, sexual orientation, and personal well-being practices.

Abstinence-Only Organization Leading Sex Ed Classes in Santa Rosa, Florida

The Pregnancy Resource Center—an abstinence-only organization in Milton, Florida— will be implementing its sex education curriculum in the Santa Rosa County School District starting this fall, and going through 2022. This curriculum will be taught at all six high schools in the district.