Sex Ed in the News

Queensland High School Draws Fire for Displaying Adult Toys Alongside Other Sexual Health Paraphernalia

A high school in Queensland, Australia drew fire from parents and, eventually, education officials after displaying adult toys alongside condoms and sexual health brochures. The target audience was students ages 14 and 15. Parents took to social media to complain, and education officials quickly went into damage control mode.

Fresno Unified School Board President Likens LGBT Activists to Ottoman Turks

In Fresno, California, controversy accompanied the passage of the California Healthy Youth Act, with the school board president, Brooke Ashjian, showing reservations about making the sex ed curriculum more accessible to LGBT students. Activists have since called for his resignation and, at a recent school board meeting, he equated these activists with Ottoman Turks, referencing what they had done to Armenians leading up to the 1915 genocide. “It is sad,” said Ashjian, “they like the Ottomans are trying to be the thought police. They are trying to make people of faith second-class citizens, as they seek to silence our voices in the public square.”

Puberty Book for Boys Tossed Out for Questionable Content

A guidebook on human biology and puberty, written for boys, was recently pulped by its publisher after an uproar over a page that indicated women have breasts to “make the girl look grown-up and attractive.” The line in question was first noticed by a dad blogger, who posted about it online. Outcry ensued, and the publisher pulled the book from shelves.