Sex Ed in the News

St. Louis Parents Continue To Advocate Against Thrive

We’ve been following the controversy over Thrive St. Louis here on the blog for the past several weeks. The latest bit of news shows that parents are really stepping up in terms of educating the public on why they’re so concerned about the curriculum Thrive provides. Next week, they’re hosting an information night in order to allow community members to discuss “what is being taught and not taught.”

Nevada Students File Bill That Would Require Schools To Teach About Sexting, Consent

Nevada’s Youth Legislature has filed a bill that would require schools to teach on criminal issues “that frequently involve persons under the age of 18 years,” including sexting and sexual consent. The Youth Legislature is a nationally recognized panel that is allowed to pitch youth-related legislation.

Utah Strikes Down ‘No Promo Homo’ Bill, But There Is Still Work To Be Done

For the past month, we’ve been following the progress of a bill that aimed to strike down a Utah law that protects against the “advocacy of homosexuality” in classroom discussions. On March 7, we reported that the existing law had finally been repealed. Which is a huge win, but there’s still much work to be done. Earlier this week, the Daily Beast published an informative article on the states still lagging behind.

Doctor in North Caroline Raps About Safe Sex for Senior Citizens

Finally, just for smiles, here’s a video wherein a North Carolina-based doctor raps safer sex tips for senior citizens. This doctor usually makes rap videos for kids but, in her latest video, she asserts that “STD’s Never Get Old.”