Sex Ed in the News

Utah Bill Struck Down After Fierce Opposition

In Salt Lake City, Utah, a bill to make sexual health education more comprehensive failed on a 12-to-two vote in the House Education Committee. While many parents came out in support of the bill, just as many parents came out in opposition. The present curriculum is abstinence-focused.

Sex Week Renamed Sexual Health Week and Given Full Funding

At East Tennessee State University, the popular Sex Week event—intended to “fill the gap” left by local public school sex ed and help students improve their sexual health—was renamed Sexual Health week. With this less controversial name in place, the university’s student government association has agreed to provide full funding for the event.

Pornhub Launches Its Own Sex Ed Site

You’ve likely heard this one already, as the news (and its attendant think pieces) has exploded across new media, but popular adult-entertainment site Pornhub has launched its own sex ed site, called the Sexual Wellness Center. Overseen by Dr. Laurie Betito, a clinical psychologist who specializes in sex therapy, it will offer information on STDs, IUDs, transgender issues, consent, and a range of other topics.