More Anatomy!

sex education breastsThis week I seem stuck on anatomy. It’s not my usual focus – I prefer the more social and emotional sex ed topics – so it’s probably good for me to focus on the more practical every now and then. Today’s lesson from Changes, Changes, Changes is about anatomy and vocabulary. These topics are inevitably and inextricably tied together – because without a proper vocabulary, it’s almost impossible to describe your own anatomy.


By the end of the session, students will be able to:

  1. List names of body parts.
  2. Use proper vocabulary for parts of the body in a classroom setting.
  3. Distinguish between slang and scientific vocabulary for parts of the body. 

Early adolescents hear many words that refer to body parts, particularly those with reproductive functions. This lesson intends to assess the students’ level of knowledge of sexual terms, to provide initial practice in saying these words aloud in the classroom, and to identify basic anatomical differences between males and females. It also is designed to establish the vocabulary that is appropriate for classroom discussion.

I ran this specific anatomy and vocabulary activity with a group of adults, and we had so much fun! I wonder if young people would get the same thrill out of thinking of the most obscure words for each letter that we did…duodenum, weinse, or xehophile anyone??

This lesson also reminds me of the alphabet game that I play with my kids in the car on long trips. Alphabet games are just fun. They just are. Word play is one of my favorite things in this world and I love to include students in that process. Expanding our love of language through unusual and fun approaches is a fantastic learning experience regardless of the topic.