Let’s talk Laci Green!

I am SO excited to announce that Laci Green will be keynoting at the 2015 National Sex Ed Conference!

Laci Green

One of the many reasons I’m excited about Laci coming to the conference is that I’ve been using her materials for a long time. The first time I used one of Laci’s videos in a sex ed classroom, it was March, 2013. Steubenville had just happened. Remember Steubenville? Here’s a reminder from Laci:

It was such a horrificĀ situation, and I needed to summarize that for my college human sexuality students. So we watched Laci talk about it. From start to finish, she was succinct, on target, and provided additional information that contextualized the event in social and historical trends. Laci’s presentation of the information was so much more than any one news report (especially because the news reporting on this event was so offensive).

The report allowed me to go over the event with my students quickly so that we could move on to our discussion about rape culture, about social media use, about news reports on sexual assaults, on victim blaming, or whatever other topic I wanted to highlighted that day.

Laci’s keynote is titled: “Meeting Young People Where They Are–On YouTube!” and I’m sure we’ll all learn a lot! You can register here:

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