Karen’s Conference Musings

Rayne2smIt’s Thanksgiving week, and predictably, between conversations about turkey (yes), turkey shaped tofu (yes), cranberry-orange chutney (yes), and that weird cranberry stuff that is shaped like a can (unfortunately yes), I’m putting in hard time on conference preparation.

This is my third year working on the National Sex Ed Conference planning team, and I love it.

The things that are done and ready for excellence:

  • The program, the one you’ll be handed in your bags when you arrive. It’s beautiful, folks.
  • The program, the one where you’ll actually be sitting in seats or standing at the front of the room and people will be learning. It’s beautiful, folks.
  • The pajamas. I know this isn’t likely to be high on most conference chairs’ lists, but it’s things like a pajama party that make the NSEC different, fun, and personal for me. I’m starting to take bets on who will have the best jammies. (And it’s gonna be me. Just so you know.)
  • My mother is coming! Her tickets are bought. I can’t wait to show her around and introduce her to all of you, my professional people.
  • Interviews! We have two keynote interviews up (with Marty Klein and Sara Nasserzadeh) and at least one more to come (with Kirsten deFur).

And there are things that I’m still working on:

  • Hotel transportation. The good news is that we sold out the hotel! The bad news is that there are people staying in other hotels and we’re still working on how to get them back and forth to the conference hotel easily.
  • The costume that I’ll be wearing when I take the stage for SEX (an evening of learning, laughing, and lasciviousness). It’s going to be something special. But details are still forthcoming.

Other than these little details, we are READY TO GO!

And we hope you are too!

If you’re still thinking about whether or not to register and come to the conference, let me tell you, you should! It’s going to be a knock-out.

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