I was on television! And what a busy week ahead!

This is a busy week in the world of sexuality!

Saturday, September 27th is National Gay men’sHIV/AIDS Awareness Day, Sunday, September 28th is both the Global Day of Action for Accessto Safe and Legal Abortion and the 14thanniversary of the day the FDA approved mifepristone, and Friday, September 26th is World Contraception Day. To celebrate all of these fantastic events, I’m going to pull lesson plans from several manuals over the course of the week.

Today, though, I want to share something recent from my life: I was interviewed on television! This was my second time on TV. The first was as part of a documentary that aired on French government TV (something akin to the BBC or PBS). It was fun, and stressful. This experience was a little easier.

(In the event that the embed coding doesn’t work, you can click over to the studio website and watch my interview there.)

I will say that being on TV is a distinctly weird experience. My ex-husband received a call in the middle of the day verifying whether I was, indeed, his ex-wife and whether he knew that I was on television AT THAT VERY MOMENT. It’s a local show, with a relatively small viewing demographic (stay at home moms, mostly), so there weren’t that many people calling in surprise. But lots of people have been very excited about my stateside video debut. And it wasn’t as bad as I was afraid it would be, really. Maybe I’m even ready to do it again sometime soon.