I want you to see the real me!

sexuality education identity 2 Yesterday I talked about a lesson that taught about how a young person might perceive themselves Рthis lesson is about how other people perceive them. Understanding this flip in perception Рthat someone might see us as other than we are Рis not a trivial one. To further it one more step to understanding how someone might respond to us is so important for young people. This lesson from chapter 8 of Changes, Changes, Changes supports that exact skill set.


By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

  1. Create a change in their personal appearance, and observe and record responses other people have to that change.
  2. Assess how their personal appearance might be influenced by the reactions of others.

Early adolescents experiment with their physical appearance as they adjust to body changes and revise their self-concept. This lesson is intended to help students learn about how others respond to this experimentation and how these responses might affect their self-concept.


Actually, reading through the lesson kinda makes me want to do it myself. Four days of a shift in the way that we present ourselves. What, I wonder, would I change?

The part of my physical appearance that people comment on the most frequently is my dyed hair – it’s purple and has been for seven years. I wonder how people would react if I changed it to some other color or even dyed it brown? Using some short lived hair dye might be interesting. Or what if I were to get a clip-on nose ring? Between the hair dye and the tattoos I already have, I wonder if people would be unsurprised for me to get a face piercing as well? Or what if I started dressing like a professional in my daily life, rather than my uniform t-shirt and jeans (with a variation of hoodie and jeans when it’s cold)?

What about you? What would you change, and how do you think people would react?

Particularly your students?