Get Teaching Safer Sex at a discount!

TSS bothYep, that’s right! The Center for Sex Education doesn’t always offer manuals on sale, but when it does, it’s a good one!

Why are we offering the sale, you ask?

The website just released a report identifying the BEST and WORST places to have safe sex. (See more here: The survey measured a variety of indicators, including cases of STIs, testing, access to sex education, etc.

Over at the CSE, we were very happy to see New Jersey ranked #5 on the list, especially since New Jersey is the home of the award-winning Teaching Safer Sex.
Congratulations to #1 ranked Vermont, and our sincere condolences, and empathy to #50 Louisiana!
In honor of New Jersey’s rankings, we are offering TWO discounts toward the purchase of Teaching Safer Sex!
Visit the Teaching Safer Sex page at The Sex Ed Store ( and then:
If you are in one of the top 25 ranked states, use the code Top25 for a $10 discount.
If you are in one of the bottom 25 states, use the code Bottom25 for a $20 discount.
(Find out your state’s ranking, and which discount you can use, here: