Standing up for what’s right

Welcome back, everyone! I ended up taking a few weeks off during the hectic run-up to and during the National Sex Ed Conference, but it was well worth it! If you weren’t there, we missed you terribly! And you missed a fantastic experience! I have a half-written post about my experiences regarding the conference that… Read more »

The good news on Yik Yak!

Every now and then I wander over to Yik Yak, that location-based nightmare of a web app that swept the country last year, leaving a swath of social media wreckage in high schools. (And continues to on college campuses.) The app has been disabled on and near high school campuses, but not until it raised… Read more »

Social Media: Benefiting the social good

Happy National Latino AIDS Awareness Day! (NLAAD)  It really is a week of Days to Celebrate Things, isn’t it? Today is National Latino AIDS Awareness Day, but tomorrow – tomorrow is my daughter’s tenth birthday, and if that isn’t something amazing to celebrate I don’t know what is! But back to today. (Stay in the… Read more »

Mindful education

Day 2 of 500! While I will be going through time periods focused on certain manuals, I don’t know that I’ll go through all of the lessons in each manual chronologically. I may even jump between manuals because I’m crazy like that. I feel like leaving that up to the winds of need and desire… Read more »