When I think about footprints, I think about the beach and those long lines of footprints you can see trailing behind you, in and out of the tide lines. It’s a happy thought, that leaves me fidgety for vacation. And then there is the other kinds of footprints. While they also show where you’ve been, they’re… Read more »

It does indeed take a village

Moving away from Sex Ed in the Digital Age, but staying with our week’s theme on how to encourage intergenerational conversations about sexuality education, we are picking up a lesson from Teaching Safer Sex. Regardless of the age of the participants in this lesson plan, they get to have a really good conversation about responsibility…. Read more »

From Introduction to Depth

Following up on yesterday’s post on parenting in the digital age, today’s lesson plan also comes from Sex Ed in the Digital Age. It takes yesterday’s topic and builds on it, engaging parents (and professionals) on a deeper level of analysis of adolescent developmental needs. I love this focus on adolescent needs and how, when,… Read more »

Parenting in the Digital Age

I am away this week, working with the United Nations Population Fund in Zimbabwe to create parent-child communication materials. I’ve posted a little bit about materials for or about parents here in the past, but this week it will be my focus. The lesson today comes from Sex Ed in the Digital Age. It’s an… Read more »

What’s a digital voice sound like?

After yesterday’s lesson about technology as a form of sexual and romantic communication from Teaching Safer Sex, I thought I would pull lessons for the rest of this week from Sex Ed in the Digital Age. This brand new, two volume manual by Carolyn Cooperman (edited by Susan Milstein) delves into technology and sexuality in… Read more »

Standing up for what’s right

Welcome back, everyone! I ended up taking a few weeks off during the hectic run-up to and during the National Sex Ed Conference, but it was well worth it! If you weren’t there, we missed you terribly! And you missed a fantastic experience! I have a half-written post about my experiences regarding the conference that… Read more »

Keynote Speaker Carolyn Cooperman

The National Sex Ed Conference is a mere 15 days away! This means that I, along with the rest of the AMAZING Planning Team are toiling away to settle the final details for things like the Sex Ed Gala and Dance, the Friday awards ceremony with Naida S. Wharton, Robie H. Harris, and Dr. Ruth… Read more »

My history

October is LGBTQ history month – and I’m thinking about that today, as I sit here at my computer. And so I’m also thinking about Jallen Rix’s movie Lewd & Lascivious: 1965: Drag Queens, Ministers, and the SFPD, the Stonewall riots (June 28th was the 45th anniversary), and Matthew Shepard (October 6th was the 16th… Read more »

Social Media: Benefiting the social good

Happy National Latino AIDS Awareness Day! (NLAAD)  It really is a week of Days to Celebrate Things, isn’t it? Today is National Latino AIDS Awareness Day, but tomorrow – tomorrow is my daughter’s tenth birthday, and if that isn’t something amazing to celebrate I don’t know what is! But back to today. (Stay in the… Read more »

Mindful education

Day 2 of 500! While I will be going through time periods focused on certain manuals, I don’t know that I’ll go through all of the lessons in each manual chronologically. I may even jump between manuals because I’m crazy like that. I feel like leaving that up to the winds of need and desire… Read more »

Pre-Order New Curricula From The Sex Ed Store!

The Sex Ed Store has lots of new offers! Pre-order these two curricula to complete your lesson plans for 2014!  Changes, Changes, Changes Changes, Changes, Changes is an up-to-date expansion of the classic New Methods for Puberty Education. This new edition features 9 chapters with more than 40 engaging and informative lesson activities. Topics range from emotional and physical… Read more »