Drawing Development

In stark contrast to yesterday’s lesson that was designed for adult learners, this one is designed for students just entering puberty. I love that Game On! has something to offer everyone! After attending Bill Taverner and Tanya Bass’s training on the Center for Sex Education’s new puberty manual, Changes, Changes, Changes last week, I’ve been thinking… Read more »

Surviving Puberty

Welcome back to Week 2 of 500 Lessons in 500 Days! Today is Lesson 5! In honor of Tanya Bass and Bill Taverner’s training today on the Center for Sex Education’s new manual Changes, Changes, Changes, I’m going to address the first two activities in the manual. These are ice breakers designed to help younger… Read more »

Sex Ed Week in Review: Theatre, Texting, and Government Shutdown

Sex vs Sexuality: Puberty and sexuality education all too often do not coincide. In Northern California, Kaiser Permanente offers a play to 6th graders called Nightmare on Puberty Street, which introduces them to the changes that occur to youngsters bodies during puberty. (As a personal aside, I’m not a fan of this name, as it’s… Read more »