“Why I Teach Sex Ed: Because I want to…” With Ashley Gaunt

Ashely GauntEducator, Planned Parenthood ofCentral and Greater Northern New Jersey Sex Ed was something that I have known about since I was a kindergartner. My best friend and I used to stay up late and watch the Sunday Night Sex Show with Sue Johensen without our parents knowing. We would sit there, starry eyed and… Read more »

Why I Teach Sex Ed: “It Matters To Me” with Lis Maurer

Why I Teach Sex Ed Lis Maurer The Center for LGBT Education, Outreach & Services, Ithaca College Two central experiences shaped my interest in sex education. Both took place while I was a teenager and continue to fuel my passion and commitment to provide accurate sex education in ways that are useful to people. Everyone in 11th… Read more »

Profiling Great Sexuality Educators: Kira Manser

Profiling Great Sexuality Educators includes interviews that originally appeared on the website of The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health and is adapted and reprinted with permission. Interview with Kira Manser 1.  What do you do in the field of sexuality? I am a sexuality educator, student, and community organizer. 2.  Where are you based out of? I am… Read more »