Surviving Puberty

Welcome back to Week 2 of 500 Lessons in 500 Days! Today is Lesson 5! In honor of Tanya Bass and Bill Taverner’s training today on the Center for Sex Education’s new manual Changes, Changes, Changes, I’m going to address the first two activities in the manual. These are ice breakers designed to help younger… Read more »

Known unknowns

My training yesterday with Bill Taverner on Unequal Partners was just fantastic. The attendees are engaged, talking, and diving deep into the issues in this manual. My favorite conversation came at the end of the day, after we had wrapped up the content. I asked people to finish the sentence stem: “I feel…” Words that… Read more »

How I learned to protect myself, how we teach our young people to do the same

Image from Kristin Schmit ( Today and tomorrow I am training with Bill Taverner on Unequal Partners , so while my mind is here, I’m going to discuss my favorite two lesson plans in this manual. Because I seem to enjoy putting together small tables of contents recently, here’s what’s coming: first a refresher on… Read more »

Mindful education

Day 2 of 500! While I will be going through time periods focused on certain manuals, I don’t know that I’ll go through all of the lessons in each manual chronologically. I may even jump between manuals because I’m crazy like that. I feel like leaving that up to the winds of need and desire… Read more »

1 of 500!

Today is a thrilling day for me. I’ve been waiting for this day ever since I saw the movie Julie and Julia way back in 2009. Writing a daily blog with some huge and definite end in mind? Sign me up! Julie started out with 365 and 524 recipes, but I have decided to go… Read more »