A Sex Ed Movement

by Cindy Lee Alves Although I have heard many great things about Bill Taverner and the CFLE in the past, this was my first time attending their National Sex Ed Conference. I attended not only the entire conference, but a pre-conference workshop (“Sex Ed Games that Teach” with Melissa Keyes DiGioia & Jessica Shields, CHES),… Read more »

Sex Educators: These are My People!

by Amy Kramer, The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy “These are my people.”  That’s what I thought as soon as I walked in to the CFLE’s National Sex Ed Conference.  It was the first time I’d been to this annual event, though hopefully not the last.   Not only was I able to… Read more »

Sex Ed Conference Virgin

by Jennifer Hill, The College of New Jersey CFLE’s National Sex Ed Conference was the most useful, engaging, and interesting professional sex ed conference I have ever attended. Okay, full disclosure: it’s the first sex ed conference I have ever attended.  Unlike many the attendees there, I am new to the sex ed professional world. … Read more »

The Golden Brick Award, Honoring Susie Wilson

by Peggy Brick Editor’s Note:  Following is a transcript of the remarks given by Peggy Brick on December 9, 2011 at the CSE National Sex Ed Conference, in honor of Susie Wilson, recipient of the 2011 Golden Brick Award. Susie Wilson! Visionary! Reformer! Advocate! Catalyst! Sexuality Educator par excellence! What a joy it is for… Read more »

Sex Ed Conference Reflections from a Religious Educator

 Tuli Patel  By Tuli Patel Director of Religious Education The Unitarian Church in Summit This year there were no picketers, no loud angry voices, no police cars by the dozens. A little disappointing at first, but I was thankful for the lack of fear as I walked to my car in the parking… Read more »

Sex Is Normal!

by Sheri Winston, CNM, RN, BSN, LMT IntimateArtsCenter.com I’m just back from the CFLE Sex Ed Conference and reminded of a few things. One – I love hanging out with other people who think sex is normal, that talking about sex is normal and that learning about sex is, absolutely normal. Being not just a… Read more »

Teaching Good Sex

Today, the New York Times Magazine posted a lengthy and important article on sex ed.  The article profiles the work of an outstanding educator, Al Vernacchio, who will also be speaking at The CFLE’s National Sex Ed Conference next month.  In fact, Mr. Vernacchio will be presenting the workshop “You’re Out, Baseball!” which is described in… Read more »

HPV Vaccine: 101

August is the National Immunization Awareness month; so in the spirit of awareness, let’s explore the benefits of immunizing against genital human papillomavirus, also called HPV. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection with approximately 20 million people currently being infected. Although in most cases… Read more »

Talking to Your Parents about Birth Control

by The CFLE The Institute of Medicine just released suggestions on women’s preventive health care, and included a recommendation that all birth control costs be completely covered under insurance, with no co-pay required. It’s a long-overdue step in the right direction for women’s health! In celebration, The Center for Family Life Education is sharing a… Read more »

Teachable Moments with My Father

by Allyson Sandak As I celebrated Father’s Day with my family, I reflected a lot on sexuality education. Being a sexuality educator, I tend to do that quite often, but this year’s Father’s Day was a bit more poignant than usual. I am expecting my first child and wanted to explain my pregnancy to my… Read more »

Those Wonderful Librarians

By Dr. Marty Klein I’m recently back from Austin, where I spoke at the annual meeting of the Texas Library Association. My topic was America’s War On Sex, Libraries, & Librarians. I’m pleased to say I was warmly received. And I sure learned plenty from them—some of it heartening, some of it scary. And some… Read more »

I Stand with Planned Parenthood

by Bill Taverner Today was my first Planned Parenthood rally.  I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it, because it seems like I’ve been affiliated with Planned Parenthood forever.  But the truth is I’ve never been to one of our rallies.  I’ve written many articles about the disagreements over abortion, contraception, sex education, and other core… Read more »

Pledges: AmazinGLEE Ineffective

By Robin Slaw In the February 22, 2011 “Blame It On the Alcohol” episode, Glee fans got a big dose of how well teen abstinence pledges work … Not! Instead, Glee club members explored the perils of teen drinking. From Principal Figgins’ pronunciation of Kei$ha (Kee-dollar sign-Ha) to the duet by Schuester and Beiste to… Read more »

Many Adults in the Dark when It Comes to Sex Ed

Discussions regarding sex education usually revolve around educating teenagers. But increasingly, sexual health researchers say, adults are in need of sex education, too. When Bill Taverner, director of The Center for Family Life Education at Planned Parenthood of Greater Northern New Jersey, spoke at his parents’ retirement community about sexuality and aging recently, the crowd… Read more »