Sex Ed Week in Review: International Edition

Beijing, China: In 1979, the Chinese government instituted the one child policy, which remains today. According to the State Family Planning Commission’s Science and Technology Research Institute, more than 13 million abortions occur in China annually, and according to Durex, 9% of sexually active people under 25 know how to use a condom. Li Yinhe, a… Read more »

Sex Educator of the Week: Sarah Sloane

What project in sex ed are you currently working on? I’m excited to be coordinating The Pleasure Chest – Chicago’s educational program, which offers over 60 classes at no charge each year on topics ranging from basic sexuality to specialty topics encompassing the range of ages, genders, and orientations. In my off-hours time, I write… Read more »

Sex Ed Week in Review: Dynamo, Districts, and Dough

Great news! Effective January 1, 2014, all Illinois schools that choose to teach sexuality education will have to teach comprehensive sex education to their students, thanks to Democratic Governor Pat Quinn who is expected to sign House Bill 2675 into law in the coming weeks. This bill essentially bans abstinence-only curriculum from the classroom. Illinois is ranked 27th in the… Read more »

Sex Educator of the Week: Amber Brown

What project(s) are you currently working on in Sex Ed? This year, The SPECTRUM, the LGBTQA youth safe-haven I founded in 2006, turns 7 years old! I’ve done my best to provide hundreds of queer and allied youth with education, recreation and support. Helping them grow into sexually healthy adults is some of the most… Read more »

Sex Ed Week in Review: Cooper, Coin, and Comics

Robert E. CooperAttorney General Nashville, TN: The Tennessee Attorney General Office decided that state and county public health workers are exempt from a law enacted in 2012 that allows parents to sue teachers and workers for discussing family life matters that could be (mis)construed as “gateway sexual activities.” These activities include everything from touching thighs, breasts,… Read more »

Sex Educator of the Week: Jessica Valladolid

What project in sex ed are you currently working on? I am a sex educator for Masakhane Center in Newark, NJ. I have worked with Covenant House, the local young adults homeless shelter, Renaissance House, an expectant mothers drug rehabilitation center, and several high schools as well as youth groups in the summer time. Masakhane… Read more »

Sex Educator of the Week: Amy Jo Goddard

What project in sex ed are you currently working on? I just launched my 6 month women’s sexuality program, The Sexually Empowered Life, in NYC. It’s designed to help women do deep work on their sexual selves and it uses a powerful combination of group coaching, education about the sexual body, self-exploration and more drawing… Read more »

Sex Ed Week in Review: Politics, Pizza, and Power in Numbers

President Obama’s new Judicial nominee to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, is Nina Pillard (left). Nina is known for her mostly unparalleled work to support women’s equality in the workplace, in education, and in her sexual autonomy– mostly unparalleled, because her career is extraordinarily similar to that of Justice… Read more »

Sex Educator of the Week: Josephina Gil-Leyva

What project(s) are you currently working on in Sex Ed? Josephina Gil-LeyvaHealth Educator, PP of Central and Greater Northern NJ I work for Planned Parenthood. My current project is in Plainfield, NJ doing HIV education and implementing Effective Behavioral interventions by the CDC, VOICES/VOCES, and SISTA. Most of my work is done with young adult… Read more »

Sex Ed Week in Review: Dollars and Sense

In the United States Bridgeton, NJ: Inspira Health Network‘s Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program, “At Promise, Not At Risk,” just received $5 million from the United States federal government to continue its programming. The program, now in its third year, combines life skills with abstinence-based sexuality education for 120 6th graders across two school systems. The… Read more »

Sex Educator of the Week: Blythe Ulrich, MA, CHES

What project(s) are you currently working on in Sex Ed? Blythe Ulrich, MA, CHESUNC Horizons Blythe currently teaches a Women’s Health psycho-educational group at UNC Horizons, a gender specific substance abuse treatment program for pregnant women and women with children under age 12.  Topics included are anatomy, STI/HIV education and prevention, contraceptive education, body image, gender,… Read more »

Summertime: School Is Out and Sex Ed Is In

Scappoose County, Oregon: The Scappoose School District is asking parents to schedule their summer vacations around their review of several sex education curricula. The curricula is scheduled to be voted on today, Thursday, July 11, 2013. Using HIV statistics from 2001, parents need to support curriculum changes in Scappoose. By voting at the school board meeting,… Read more »

#SexEducator of the Week: Bill Taverner

What project in sex ed are you currently working on? Sue Milstein and I have finished editing Positive Images: Teaching about Contraception and Sexual Health, which was recently published! I am also working on the 13th edition of Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Human Sexuality with Ryan McKee, and a few other projects in line…. Read more »

Sex Educator of the Week: Brandy Barnett, MS

Training & Technical Assistance Coordinator Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential What project in sex ed are you currently working on? Brandy coordinates GCAPP’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month activities which include a statewide adolescent essay contest and parent webinars.  She trains and provides TA to Personal Responsibility Education Program (GAPREP) grantees and Working to… Read more »


This past weekend, the American Association of SexualityEducators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) honored several members with awards. Here are the honorees. Distinguished Service Award Patti Britton, PhD, MPH, ACSE, ABS, ACS, FAACS, MSC Dr. Patti is in the very top leadership and is a well respected pioneer in the field of sexology: Dr. Britton possesses… Read more »

Sex Educator of the Week: Dr. Laurie Betito

What project(s) are you working on in sex ed? At the Sexual Health Network of Quebec, we are working towards offering sex ed to high schools free of charge.  We fundraise every year to be able to offer such programs.  We have also created a program for kindergarten to grade 3 teachers to begin introducing… Read more »

Sex Educator of the Week: Jen Mainville

What project in sex ed are you currently working on? I am working to incorporate more multi-session programs for young women into our education efforts at Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes.  We are utilizing programs such as Girls Circle and Girls on the Run, which help strengthen self-confidence and personal awareness, as well… Read more »

“Thank you, thank you!” for Teaching Safer Sex

This past weekend, Teaching Safer Sex, Third Edition, Volumes One and Two received the AASECT Book Award, a prestigious honor given by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. Editor-in-Chief Bill Taverner and Associate Editor Susan Milstein were on hand to receive the award at the 2013 AASECT Conference in Miami, Florida. Associate editor (and recently retired Planned Parenthood educator) Sue Montfort was not… Read more »

Sex Educator of the Week: Kurt Conklin

Kurt Conklin, MPH, MCHES Director of Programs | SIECUS On what project in sex ed are you currently working? I am helping to plan two TISHEs (Training Institutes in Sexual Health Education) that will take place this summer in North Carolina and Maryland. I am so excited to work with Answer, the main sponsor, and… Read more »

Pittsfield, MA to Explore Revitalizing its Sex Ed Program

MA State RepresentativeTricia Farley-Bouvier wishes to address the county’s high teen pregnancy rates. Good news from Pittsfield, Massachusetts! Its school curriculum subcommittee has decided to review the sex education programs in city schools this week.  The decision comes as state representative Tricia Farley-Bouvierand two students called for its overhaul, citing a high teen pregnancy rate in… Read more »