Our newest manuals are in print and ready to ship: Unequal Partners, 4th Edition and Sex Ed in the Digital Age

Have you had the privilege of attending one of the Sex Ed Center’s training on either Unequal Partners, 4th Edition or Sex Ed in the Digital Age? If so, then you must already have a copy of them, and you already appreciate the quality and depth of the lesson plans presented therein.


If you missed that round of trainings, you might find yourself in need, and the Sex Ed Store is ready to help you out. Here are a few of the things that experts have said about these two outstanding new manuals:

Unequal Partners, 4th Edition

“If every classroom adopted at least one lesson from this manual, the world would be a more compassionate place. Power, privilege, respect, and communication aren’t just violence prevention lessons or relationship lessons, they are imperative life lessons!Unequal Partners is a worthwhile tool for any educator dedicated to developing kindness and emotional literacy in their students.”

-Jill McDevitt, PhD, MEd
Sexologist and sexual violence prevention activist


“The meticulously designed lessons provide educators with tools of relational negotiation, boundary formation/maintenance, utilizing power and influence responsibly, and deconstructing communication and sexuality language. Unequal Partners is an unrivaled curriculum for critical thinking, empathic dialogue, and responsible choices.”

– James C. Wadley, PhD, LPC (PA, NJ), ACS, NCC
Principal, Association of Black Sexologists and Clinicians

Sex Ed in the Digital Age

I think this is FANTASTIC. It is fantastic media literacy education, fantastic sex education, and an incredible blend of both. I love how well it addresses technology and media critically, but without panic or scare tactics. Nothing in here comes across as adultist to me, which is quite a coup when addressing both sex and technology for young people, two areas where people err with adultism all the time. The approach here seems very teen-friendly, and has a relaxed approach to technology, sex and media I think young people will really resonate with and appreciate. The resounding message to me here is that none of these things are bad, or even necessarily problematic, but that how you use them, what you know about them and how much weight you give them is most of what is going to make experiences with them positive or negative.

– Heather Corinna, Founder, Scarleteen

Millennials are digital natives who are diverse, tech savvy, and open-minded to innovative ideas. Sex Ed in the Digital Age brings together youth development strategies, promotes best practices that integrate sexual health and rights information, and offers young people’s experiences as a valuable contribution. This tool will give sex educators and families the facts and skills to provide young people with information they need to protect their health and futures.

– Trina Scott, Founder, Women of Color Sexual Health Network