13 Reasons Why Bullying Prevention Is An Important Part of Sex Ed

Earlier this year, Netflix released the 13-episode, original TV series 13 Reasons Why, a drama-mystery about a high school student who commits suicide after a series of bullying incidents. While the show received positive reviews from many critics, it also brought controversy, with many viewers criticizing its portrayals of teen angst, depression, self-harm, and suicidal ideation, warning that the show could be triggering.

Still, it has had more people than ever before talking about the possible effects of bullying, and about how one might be able to more effectively address it.

Here at the Center for Sex Ed, we tackle the topic through educational tools…obviously. You’ve gotten glimpses at some of that through our blog series, in which we highlight lesson plans from one of our latest teaching manuals, Let’s Erase Bullying.

But in case you weren’t convinced, here are 13 reasons why you should include bullying prevention in your sex ed lesson plans, and why you should check out our full manual:

  1. Young people are talking about 13 Reasons Why, which addresses sexuality, relationships, and bullying.
  2. Almost one in four students report being bullied during the school year.
  3. Bullying disproportionately affects young people who are LGBTQ.
  4. Cyberbulling is real, pervasive, and harmful.
  5. Relationship bullying is real, too.
  6. Bystanders can have a significant impact on the reduction of bullying.
  7. Let’s Erase Bullying has 17 skills-building, interactive lesson plans.
  8. Let’s Erase Bullying includes lessons on friendships, intimate relationships, unequal partners, communication, and the challenge of achieving individuality in a culture where conforming is often the norm.
  9. Let’s Erase Bullying addresses the online challenges young people face regarding their self-worth and well-being. The lessons in this section provide practical strategies for dealing with life in the digital age.
  10. Let’s Erase Bullying looks at homophobia and the very real dangers LGBTQ+ youth face daily. Bystanders can be empowered to fight homophobia. These lessons are models for allies.
  11. Let’s Erase Bullying provides a window into bullying within an intimate relationship, examining consent, decision-making, coercion, and relationship abuse.
  12. School bullying is pervasive and does not vanish with a “zero tolerance” policy and a class assembly.
  13. You can download one of the lesson plans here—for free!