Interview with Zupenda Davis-Shine

I had the honor of attending the Black Families, Black Relationships, Black Sexuality conference a few weeks ago, along with 140 or so other professionals and students. It was the first conference in association with The Association of Black Sexologists and Clinicians, and it was phenomenal. I was able to catch up with a few… Read more »

NSEC Workshop Presenters Shira Cahn-Lipman and Jennifer A. Hart

NSEC Workshop Title: Facilitating Role-Play in the Sex Ed Classroom NSEC Workshop Description: This workshop will present participants with useful role-play techniques and strategies. Following an expert’s modeling, participants will have a chance to try out the techniques in a safe and judgment-free space. Attendees will leave this workshop empowered to apply these skills in their… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

The biggest news last week: California’s new sex ed law! From consent education to accurate representations of LGBTQ families, California has stepped into the role of a leader in state-based comprehensive sexuality education. You can read the bill itself here: The bill puts forth the following as it’s aims and goals: (1) To provide pupils with… Read more »

NSEC Workshop Presenters Judith Steinhart and Mariotta Gary-Smith

NSEC Workshop Title: Opening Arms to Open Doors: Diversifying the Sexuality Field through Intentional Mentoring NSEC Workshop Description: This interactive workshop will offer new and experienced sex educators a deeper understanding of the value of a mentor, ways to find a mentor, what can be gained from someone different from you, strategies to bring to the surface… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

Sex ed news of the week Transgender Suicides Eighteen transgender people have committed suicide this year (that we are aware of). Understanding the dynamics that lead to exceptionally high rates of suicide in the transgender communities and working to ameliorate those factors through our work as sexuality educators is critical. Nebraska Considering New Funding Source… Read more »

2015 World Sexual Health Day, part 2

Last week we posted pictures of Bill Taverner’s panel at the 2015 World Sexual Health Day – and today we’re posting his prepared comments on sexuality education in the United States: Thank you so much for including me in today’s event. I am honored to be surrounded by such distinguished colleagues, and to share my… Read more »

2015 World Sexual Health Day

Center for Sex Education Executive Director Bill Taverner recently spoke at the 2015 World Sexual Health Day, hosted by WAS and the UNFPA. This is a photo story of the day’s events. Bill Taverner’s prepared remarks are here!                

NSEC Workshop Presenters Amy Johnson and Melanie Davis

NSEC Workshop title: 5 Ways to be a Faith-Sensitive Sexuality Educator NSEC Workshop description: This informative and interactive workshop will explore how sexuality educators can and should work with curricula in order to acknowledge diverse religious and faith perspective amongst learners. Learn simple techniques to reduce the likelihood participants will either opt out or tune out… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

Follow the Sex Eddie News! New England prep schools overhaul sex ed programs after rape trial Some of the largest, oldest, and most prestigious New England private high schools (including Phillips Exeter Academy, Phillips Academy, and St. Paul’s School) are reconsidering their approach to sexuality education. Consent and respect are among the foci of the newly… Read more »

Early bird conference registration rates end on Wednesday!

Are you as excited as I am about the National Sex Ed Conference in December? I’m not sure it’s possible – but I hope you are! Interviewing conference workshop presenters has been amazing – I hope you’ve been keeping up on them through this blog. A new one is posted every Wednesday. This is a… Read more »

Get Teaching Safer Sex at a discount!

Yep, that’s right! The Center for Sex Education doesn’t always offer manuals on sale, but when it does, it’s a good one! Why are we offering the sale, you ask? The website just released a report identifying the BEST and WORST places to have safe sex. (See more here: The survey measured a variety of indicators,… Read more »

NSEC Workshop Presenter Joann Schladale

NSEC Workshop Title: A Trauma Informed Approach for Adolescent Sexual Health NSEC Workshop Description: Life experiences greatly influence choices about sexual health and well-being. Trauma greatly impacts decisions young people make about sexual expression and adolescent sexual decision-making is not always determined by sex education. This workshop provides a research-based trauma informed approach for engaging youth… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

It’s news to us! How many sex partners have you, vicariously, had? Based on the 2010 Health Survey for England, LloydsPharmacy has a new website up that takes your personal sex history and calculates how many sex partners all of your sex partners had before having sex with you. It’s a complex formula that outputs very high… Read more »

NSEC Workshop Presenter Lorena Olvera

NSEC Workshop title: Sexuality Education for Latinos: Understanding Latino culture and sexuality NSEC Workshop Description: This interactive workshop will provide an overview of the influences of machismo, familismo, and marianismo on Latinos’ sexuality. Audience members will also learn the best practices and practical steps that service providers and educators working with Latino youth can take to… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

  When sex ed is in the news, it’s here too! Sex Ed in Nebraska is “Pandora’s Box” Legislators in Nebraska are considering whether incorporating comprehensive sexuality education might be better for their students. The reasons cited are primarily based in improved achievement due to reduced unplanned pregnancy, illness, and bullying. There is pushback from… Read more »

Guest post: How & Where Youth Live, Learn, & Play Matters

by Gina Desiderio Adolescence is an important time of developmental transition, when young people may be more sensitive to the environmental influences around them, in their relationships, communities, and society. For those of us working with adolescents and young adults, we know the programs, education, and services we provide are critical for this positive development…and yet… Read more »

NSEC Workshop Presenter Bianca Laureano

NSEC Workshop Title: Using Media in the Social Justice Classroom: Centering Black Trans Youth. NSEC Workshop Description: This workshop will feature one of Scenarios new short youth written Hollywood directed film House Not Home, about a young Black gender fluid teenager. Participants will watch film and do activities created from the REAL DEAL curriculum that center… Read more »