New sexual orientation manuals are coming soon!

Dear Colleagues,
The Center for Sex Education ( is pleased to announce the development of its newest teaching manual, Orientation: Teaching about Identity, Attraction, and Behaviorwhich will focus on teaching about sexual orientation. This innovative resource will be authored and edited by Terri Clark, Tracie Gilbert, and Karen Rayne; Bill Taverner will serve as managing editor. It has a projected publication date in 2017 and comes in a two volume set.
We hope that this manuals will be supportive of educators in many contexts and with a range of participant identities and educational needs. While there is increasing education around sexual orientation, there are few comprehensive teaching resources. We hope to address that issue by providing a manual full of lessons on sexual orientation that are based in educational best practices and the most recent research in sexual orientation.
All areas related to teaching about sexual orientation are welcome, but areas of interest include bisexuality, understanding identity, sexual health, healthy LGBTQ relationships, cultural perspectives, and addressing sexual orientation in the workplace (including healthcare settings).
Don’t miss out on the publication of Orientation!
Terri Clark, Tracie Gilbert, and Karen Rayne
Authors and Editors